Tablets can be an aspiring chef’s best friend. Their size and power can bring the most difficult recipe up close and personal. For those who don’t need the extra recipe help,


3 Things To Look At For The Best Kitchen Tablet

You don’t need the fastest (or latest hardware) tablet when you’re looking for one for your kitchen. Avoid hardware that’s older than 2 years old or has less than 2GB of RAM or a dual chip core. A good choice may be a tablet that was cutting-edge a year old.

How Much Storage?

Cooking blog on tablet

Storage depends on your needs. 32GB is common most budget tablets. This will allow you recipe and streaming media apps However, if you plan on having many apps or playing media that’s stored on the device, consider 64GB. Another option is a microSD card slot that you may find on some Android and Windows tablets.


Cooking blog on tablet

Picking a tablet over $500 is probably overkill for a kitchen tablet. Amazon’s Fire HD 10 offers a good performance for as little as $150. There are many other tablets in the $150-200 range that will work as well. Many choose those in the $300-$500 range if they plan multiple uses in the kitchen.

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