Doesn’t it seem like you always find the squeakiest place to walk? So do we. Often, floors squeak because the wood floor rubs against the underlying plywood floor. We found 5 ways to fix the problem that you can do yourself and won’t cost a fortune.

Warped Joints

5 DIY Tips To Silence A Squeaky Floor

Sometimes joists will warp, twist or even deteriorate. Spaces can open up between the beam and subfloor. Fix the problem by nailing a block of wood alongside the warped joint. Use construction adhesive along the top of the wood that will be against the subfloor. Use nails or screws to secure the joint.

Secure Gaps

5 DIY Tips To Silence A Squeaky Floor

While you are downstairs, have someone walk on the floor above you. Assess if the problem is a gap between the subfloor and a joist. If this is the problem, then insert a shim into the gap. Use wood glue to the make the shim fit tightly. But, don’t force the shim. That could make the opening wider. If the gap is quite wide, run a bead of construction adhesive along the gap.

When A Large Joist Is The Problem

5 DIY Tips To Silence A Squeaky Floor

Sometimes, it’s the joist themselves that are the problem. Nail or screw 2×8 blocks between them at the midpoint. Apply construction adhesive along the edge prior to fastening them in place.

When The Wood Floor Rubs Against The Subfloor

5 DIY Tips To Silence A Squeaky Floor

Drilling short screws from the underside of the subfloor into the bottom of the finished flooring. Make sure that the hardware does not come through to the wood floor.

When Access Is Limited

5 DIY Tips To Silence A Squeaky Floor

Fixing squeaky floors are trickier when you don’t have access to the joists or subfloor. Adding a lubricant to the problem area may fix the problem. Apply powdered soapstone, talcum powder, or powdered graphite between the boards. Place a cloth over the boards and walk on it repeatedly so that the lubricant is worked into the cracks. Finally, vacuum up the remaining powder.

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