Depending on campaign objectives, common metrics that we use to measure the success of a business can be of value or not measure success at all. Here’s why.




Impressions is the number of times content is displayed. If you have a post with high impressions and low engagement, it could mean:

  • You targeted the wrong audience
  • Content may be lacking in interest


Bounce Rate


Bounce rates can be confusing for a business. They don’t necessarily differentiate between those that read the content and those that find no value in it.

ROI (Return On Investment)


Unfortunately, the person who reads the content from top to bottom may not be the one who actually buys. Marketers should look for ways to monetize the content whenever possible.

The Funnel


In theory, consumers are supposed to move down the funnel to conversion. The reality is that not everyone who looks at your content will complete one of your business goals. Sometimes, consuming your content should be considered the conversion.



Benchmarks can be deceiving because of the number of variables that are involved. Your competition may have a higher marketing budget, more diverse posts, and more experienced team member. Some experts suggest using your previous performances as the only benchmark.

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