Bionic hands have been around for a while but recent technology has allowed the user with a sense of touch.

A Group Effort

A Bionic Hand That Feels

The hand was a collaboration between experts from Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. Surgeons, neuroscientists, engineers, robotic specialists and electronic specialists all worked together to create a device that can be worn outside the laboratory.

From Hand To Backpack To Brain

A Bionic Hand That Feels

The hand is able to detect whether an object is soft or hard, Then, a computer kept in a nearby backpack takes the information from the hand and relays the information via miniature electrodes implanted in the upper arm to the brain.

It Works!

A Bionic Hand That Feels

Ms. Almerina Mascarello lost her left hand almost 25 years ago. She was selected to try the hand based on a medical assessment and her interest. Ms. Mascarello was able to keep the hand for a period of six months. Researchers report the technology was easy for her to master.

Future Goals

The hand is now back with the developers. The team is working to miniaturize the components as well as ways to commercialize it.

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