Humans are social beings. Research shows that we spend 70%-80% communicating with others. People are influenced by a vast amount of cues from each other. The concept of group polarization means that in a group of like-minded people, the opinions of each person in the group are reinforced by the others. That’s not unusual as we tend to like being with others who think like us.

People Love To Belong

Maybe It’s Time To Start A Facebook Group

People enjoy interacting with like-minded people because they feel it’s safer. Participants can be a bit more open and share newer ideas.

Privacy Settings

Maybe It’s Time To Start A Facebook Group

Know the difference between the different settings and use the one most appropriate for your group:

  • Open Group: These groups are public. Anyone can join. All posts are seen.
  • Closed Group: Closed groups can be found through a Facebook search. However, group administrators must approve requests to join.
  • Secret Group: These groups won’t show up in the search. The only way for someone to join us is to be personally invited by another group member.

Send emails to invite customers to your group.

Screen Potential Members

Maybe It’s Time To Start A Facebook Group
  • Create questions that can be used to pre-screen new members
  • Monitor the conversations and weed out bullying or spam


Diversify Engagement

Maybe It’s Time To Start A Facebook Group

As the administrator, look for ways to have audience engagement:

  • Promptly respond to questions
  • Share questions
  • Prompt discussions
  • Contribute to posts

Make sure you link back to your community relevant posts and your Facebook business page

Highlight Individuals

Highlight Individuals

You never want to make it all about you. Let your community know you are paying attention to them by:

  • Tagging members in certain conversations
  • Offer and invite critiques
  • Feature content from individuals in the group


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