Telling tales have been around since the dawn of time. The way that they are delivered varies from culture to culture and has changed over time. What’s the best way to deliver information when the landscape is ever-changing?

Creating A Story When Seconds Count

The Science Of Storytelling On Social Media

Any content writer must write with the following 3 ideas in mind.

  • Time: One of the most valuable commodities that people have is their time. Your story has to grab their attention immediately.
  • Blasted With Information: Consumers are inundated with information on a daily basis.
  • On-Demand: Content must demonstrate that we now live in an on-demand world.


Know Your Audience

The Science Of Storytelling On Social Media

Your narrative will also be affected by two things:

  • Specific social media platform-Content must be formatted for each particular forum.
  • Audience-Each platform attracts segments of the population. Stories must be framed to dovetail with both the target audience and those that use that platform


The Bottom Line Is That Your Story Must Evoke an Emotion

The Science Of Storytelling On Social Media

Consumers are baraged with messages from the minute they turn on their electronics. How do you grab their attention enough to make them stop scrolling? It’s a matter of writing with emotion while still being practical. Our culture is shifting. Your message has to change with it.

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