Scientists at Rice University have created a way to etch edible circuits on the surface of food to help track food from farm to your tummy.

Laser-Induced Graphene (LIG)

Tracking Food From Farm To Tummy...Literally

This process creates a foam made of minute cross-linked graphene flakes. These flakes can carry electricity through any carbon-rich products like bread, coconuts, or potatoes.

LIG Tags In The Food Industry

deTracking Food From Farm To Tummy...Literally

The graphene tags can give the consumer information about its country (or even village) of origin, how long it’s been stored, and the path it took to get to your hand. It can also warn you of potential contaminants.

Is It Safe?

deTracking Food From Farm To Tummy...Literally

More research needs to be done. However, these tags are only the thickness of a single atom. That’s a lot smaller than the ink that’s currently being used by some inspectors. It also doesn’t add anything. It merely modifies the surface.

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