“The Internet of Things” is a concept that refers to that any device that can be turned on and off will be connected to the Internet (and subsequently to each other.)

A Giant Connection Of “Things”

What Exactly Is “The Internet Of Things” (IoT) And What Does It Mean To You?

Analysts are estimating that by the year 2020 there will be between 26 billion and 100 billion “things” connected. This includes connections between things-things, people-things, and people-people.

“Anything That Can Be Connected, Will Be Connected”

What Exactly Is “The Internet Of Things” (IoT) And What Does It Mean To You?

The above is a very compelling statement because the connections can affect every part of your life. Already, you can set soft music and dim light to wake you up. Your coffee has automatically started brewing and will be ready by the time you’re done dressing.

In your business, supplies may be automatically re-ordered when they run low. Wearables will tell you how hard your employees are working.

Endless Opportunities

Endless Opportunities

The Internet Of Things presents endless opportunities on a broader basis. “Smart cities” will help people reduce waste and improve energy efficiency. IoT is a concept that will affect people worldwide.

What About Security?

Endless Opportunities

With the potential of billions of things being connected, security is an issue. Obviously, you don’t want someone remotely turning on your stove. Business-wise, companies will not only need to figure out how to store, track, and analyze massive amounts of data, but determine how to maintain confidentiality and data sharing.

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